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ბოდიში ბლოგის თემას რომ გადავუხვიე, უბრალოდ თავი ვერ შევიკავე

Allison Becker
Age 21
Keller, TX

ალისონ ბეკერი არის რეალითი შოუ “so you think you can dance”–ის წლევანდელი სეზონის მონაწილე, რომელსაც აქვს დარღვეული სმენა და მენინგიტი 18 თვის ასაკიდან. ექიმების პროგნოზით ის ან მოკვდებოდა ავადმყოფობისგან, ან ბოლომდე დაყრუვდებოდა. დაყრუების ნაცვლად კი ალისონმა დაიწყო ცეკვა მუსიკაზე, რომელსაც ის ვიბრაციებით აღიქვამს

მისი ცეკვის ეპიზოდი რეალითი შოუდან

აი სტატიაც
For the second audition of season 6, So You Think You Can Dance made its first stop in Phoenix, Arizona. For their introduction to So You Think You Can Dance, Phoenix brought plenty of talent and strangeness to the stage. While there were plenty of just good old beautiful dancers — the real story of Phoenix, were the metaphorical phoenix’s of the auditions: Allison Becker and ballroom boys William DeVries and Jacob Jason.The first phoenix of Phoenix was Allison Becker, a hearing-impaired contemporary dancer. As a toddler, Allison had meningitis and doctors told her parents she would either die or become deaf from the illness. Despite being unable to hear music in the way the rest of us do, Allison was always drawn to dance. Instead of listening, she feels the music through vibrations. For her audition she dances to The Fray’s “You Found Me,” which sincerely should be banned from all reality show competitions or tissues should be dispensed from the TV with the first few strains of the song. She is a lovely dancer, though lacking in crisp follow-through and technique. Most of all, and impressively, is that Allison’s audition was incredibly musical. It was clear with every step she was indeed feeling the music on many levels.

Allison is reality TV gold, as well as a genuinely inspiring story, so it should be no surprise that Nigel was smitten from moment one. As she finishes her routine he blows her kisses, signs that he loves her, and tells her that while she’s technically not as strong as many other dancers, what she did on stage was beautiful and moving. Mary Murphy manages to say she agrees with everything Nigel said, a rarity indeed, before breaking into tears. Thank goodness my TV got the memo on dispensing tissues for that Fray song, because Mary Murphy totally managed to make me cry.

Mary had a cousin who was also hearing impaired, so Allison’s passion and dancing really touched her. Through her botox tears Mary tells Allison, “Though I am crying, I want you to know how happy you just made me.” Miss Mia Michaels, our guest judge for the Phoenix auditions, does her best to hold back tears before also praising Allison for her braveness and beauty. Though the judges are enamored with the triumph of Allison’s story; they are concerned about her technique, so they put her into choreography. When Nigel asks how Allison thinks she will do during choreography as a deaf dancer, Allison doesn’t miss a beat. Responding with considerable spunk she says, “I’ll be great in choreography.” And she is. After wowing the judges (and probably welling them up too) Allison is granted her ticket to Las Vegas.

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